The ignorant’s school and the indifference to the truths of masses

Giuseppe Ursino

Giuseppe Ursino

Ignorance is part of the order of things, it makes people unconscious and unconsciousness helps to stay calm.
It makes families bathe next to the polluted river mouths, it makes fragile people try drugs in the presumption of knowing how to govern their dependence, …
Ignorance allows the leaders of religions shaped by human beings to manipulate their minds.
Ignorance is unsolvable, human beings do not consider it a problem, they do not listen to those who reveal a truth to them because this is often unsettling, uncomfortable and far from their essence.
Even Jesus paid with his life the spread of some Truths.
Whoever reveals truth remains isolated and crushed, because the ignorant mass remains indifferent to such truth.
The ignorant sage is one who is aware of his own ignorance and makes some effort to find answers, which nevertheless remain partial.
The right readings or attending esoteric clubs is not enough, if you do not have the particular attitude to grasp what the ordinary human being cannot understand.
After all, the human being is governed by instinct, like other animals, instincts that are more sophisticated.
The most significant difference between human beings is not in intelligence, beauty or skin color, but lies in perceiving the meaning of some truths, glimpsing their contours and their connection with the highest questions.
These are rare people who often come to the conclusion that the only thing that can be done is to pay attention to those who have the skills for a path towards wisdom and help them in their inner growth.
Doing it with ordinary human beings makes no sense, because they would not be able to grasp the essence of certain truths reserved for a few.

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