Digital Transformation

Digital transformation changes society, its economy and every other social dimension. Just think of how the use of cars a few decades ago led to the growth of shopping centers in the suburbs by emptying the shops located in city centers and how the arrival of e-commerce is shifting the polarization of purchases from shopping centers to online ones. The digital transformation concerns the way of socializing through social networks, the way of learning with e-learning, the way of healing with the help of e-health, the way of living at home with the IoT… In short, for those like me who develop digital technologies every day, having a section of the blog called “Digital Transformation” was inevitable.

How wars change with digital transformation: social media war, hybrid war and Sun Tzu

The war has always fed on propaganda and counter-propaganda, but with the digital transformation of recent years there has been a paradigm shift and that in Ukraine can be defined as the first social media war. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has gone from 500,000 to 6 million followers on Twitter in a few days since […]

Giuseppe Ursino

Take advantage of digital transformation to be competitive

If change is inevitable, counter it means to be doomed to defeat. That is why with JO Group, beyond my personal passion for technology and organisation, for more than twenty years I have aimed at enhancing the digital transformation revolution in my cluster of companies. Those who have innovated effectively throughout history have managed to […]

Giuseppe Ursino

Pushing towards the new world, as the result of digital transformation

In history technology has always changed the world. It did so in the 18th century with steam engines which, overcoming the physical limitations of human beings, led to large-scale production and the founding of large industrial cities. It has been doing it again in recent years, this time overcoming not the physical limits of human […]

Giuseppe Ursino

The convergence towards TV in the digital transformation

It used to be called television and it ended there. We knew what it was doing and what it was for. Not today, television means many other things, because you see much more on the screen: family photos, newspaper pages, your favourite websites, satellite broadcasts, video games, on demand movies, e-mail and social networks, radio […]

Giuseppe Ursino

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