Milan is the leader in tricolor fintechs, while in the south they have not yet taken off

Giuseppe Ursino

Giuseppe Ursino

As in many other sectors of digital transformation, fintech offers a new vision, allows you to do better things that are already done in a traditional way and allow you to do new things that were not feasible until now.
It is a growing trend and in Italy fintechs speaks Lombard, because half of the tricolor fintechs are based in Milan, while the other half mostly in Lazio and Emilia Romagna. They could also be born and grow in the south because fintechs operate without borders and it is not necessary that they are physically close to the customers served, but in the south there are very few independent banks (almost all the institutions present are branches of northern or international banks) and typically the supply of credit is more scarce in areas with fewer banks, making the south less attractive for new investments and with a more fragile and less developed ecosystem.
A system should be made in a visionary way by combining finance with all those traditionally not close skills, such as engineering, information technology, design and psychology, launching fintech labs alongside the most enterprising university centers and thus being able to attract talents and stimulate local entrepreneurship. Nothing so difficult if we could take the best of the public and private sectors and make them work together.

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