The bio of the founder of JO Group Giuseppe Ursino

A degree in Economics, 3 post-graduate courses, a short experience as a professional and then a long entrepreneurial journey as an innovator. Based in Catania, my hometown, and activities all over Europe.
In 1998, as a technology enthusiast, I founded the JO Group, a cluster of companies with core businesses in digital transformation and European projects.
I spent my adolescence between books and sport. I broke my forearm bones saving a penalty, my finger bones in basketball, I got a nail in my collarbone after a football match, I had my adenoids and tonsils removed, my belly button sewn, my eyes laser operated, my spine fixed with a titanium cage… I can safely say that one of my soft skills is the ability to get up again.
I travelled the world by plane, car, boat, train and hitchhiking. I know a bit about America, Africa and Asia. I have travelled the length and breadth of Europe, both for work and for pleasure. I consider travelling the best way to spend one’s money, because from the comparison with other peoples many awarenesses come out.
I represented collective interests in high school, university and chamber of commerce institutions. I have long been involved in employer associations. I helped break an archaic power system as a board member at the Order of Chartered Accountants, before choosing to become an entrepreneur.
I printed a social magazine in the parish when I was a boy, then I launched a civic engagement magazine at the university and then a magazine dealing with economic issues when I lived and worked in Rome. Today I have my own blog. In short, I have always pushed communication because I advocate a better world. And communication is a strategic lever, because the world is changed by changing people’s minds.
With JO Group I have helped hundreds of companies to innovate and grow. Thanks to the focus on digital transformation, in over 20 years I acquired significant expertise in digital technologies applied to a number of fields:

I have always been an advocate for meritocracy and European integration.

If you want to get in touch with Giuseppe Ursino this is his LinkedIn profile
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