The social role of "educator" of a business founder and the disillusionment of matching with human resources

Giuseppe Ursino

Giuseppe Ursino

As founder and CEO of JO Group I represent a system of values and a vision: meritocracy in the organisation, quality in the outputs, distinctive skills in digital transformation, internationalisation of activities. The group’s motto is “born to innovate”.
Some of my Collaborators feel this identity is their own and are the best interpreters of the corporate and social mission, others are not attracted to it and are focused only on themselves without interest in the design of which they are a part. For a long time I asked myself whether I could do something more to involve them in sharing the Group’s identity, because internal compactness is undoubtedly a strategic asset. I tried everything and in the end with those Collaborators impervious to any stimulus I resigned myself to considering them only valuable workforce and not travelling companions.
Was this resignation painless? Not at all, digesting the disillusionment has burned me inside, because I consider my social role as an “educator” of a responsible and ambitious style of working an important goal for me.

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