Akhenaten, the courage to change and the fight against mediocrity

Giuseppe Ursino

Giuseppe Ursino

In the 14th century BC, Egypt tried to react to its slow decline in civilisation with the government of Pharaoh Akhenaten who bravely shelved Amon and all the other gods and turned towards the monotheism of the god Aton “light”. Unfortunately his attempt to revive the Egyptian civilisation was defeated because at his death the priests of the old gods with determination regained power and destroyed all the artistic, literary and architectural works of Akhenaton. This return to the past was a suicide for that ancient civilisation. In a few years, the country quickly began to decay. A great man gave his people a chance, but since the arrogance of mediocrity prevailed (as often happens) those nostalgic conservatives took all the Egyptians to the abyss. Mediocre people were unable to have a vision and look ahead, but they were capable of hindering those who had the qualities to lead Egypt towards new horizons. This gradually led to the catastrophe.
It seems to me a story full of current suggestions.

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