On that noble feeling which is gratitude

Giuseppe Ursino

Giuseppe Ursino

I thank my parents because they allowed me to grow up peacefully.
I thank Maria because she looked after me like a nephew.
I am grateful to the Leonardo da Vinci school because it initiated me into discipline and a love for sports.
I thank Angelo who initiated me into friendship.
I am grateful to Sabina who initiated me into the world of girls, Daniela into sex and Maura into love.
I am grateful to Antonio who got me started working.
I am grateful to Sebastiano because he was the first who trusted me for tricky jobs.
I thank Tommaso and Stefano because they were my first important Clients.
I am grateful to Stella for initiating me on a family project.
I thank Ettore who initiated me to the unconditional love of fatherhood.
There are people who knowingly or unknowingly have played unique roles in our life.
Gratitude for what they have been for us is a feeling that also measures our human depth.
The mediocre remove the sense of gratitude because it is a burden to them, while the best cultivate it because it qualifies their life.

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