Many keep their thoughts to themselves because they feel the dangers of expressing their reflections. I think that throwing down one’s reflections and comparing oneself with others is useful for the development of the community as a whole and also for one’s personal growth. In the “Thoughts” section of my blog I write what I think about aspects concerning civilization, my lucubrations, my twice personal thoughts and about other aspects that I found useful to pay attention to.

The social role of "educator" of a business founder and the disillusionment of matching with human resources

As founder and CEO of JO Group I represent a system of values and a vision: meritocracy in the organisation, quality in the outputs, distinctive skills in digital transformation, internationalisation of activities. The group’s motto is “born to innovate”. Some of my Collaborators feel this identity is their own and are the best interpreters of […]

Giuseppe Ursino

Akhenaten, the courage to change and the fight against mediocrity

In the 14th century BC, Egypt tried to react to its slow decline in civilisation with the government of Pharaoh Akhenaten who bravely shelved Amon and all the other gods and turned towards the monotheism of the god Aton “light”. Unfortunately his attempt to revive the Egyptian civilisation was defeated because at his death the […]

Giuseppe Ursino

A great example! Wanting is power. Limbless, he swims across the Bering Strait

A French man without arms and legs, 44-year-old Philippe Croizon, managed to swim between America and Asia in the Bering Strait. Wanting is power! The determination to win challenges and the mental discipline to never give up are two postulates of the winners. This man without legs or arms is a winner, the entrepreneurs who […]

Giuseppe Ursino

On that noble feeling which is gratitude

I thank my parents because they allowed me to grow up peacefully. I thank Maria because she looked after me like a nephew. I am grateful to the Leonardo da Vinci school because it initiated me into discipline and a love for sports. I thank Angelo who initiated me into friendship. I am grateful to […]

Giuseppe Ursino

The ignorant’s school and the indifference to the truths of masses

Ignorance is part of the order of things, it makes people unconscious and unconsciousness helps to stay calm. It makes families bathe next to the polluted river mouths, it makes fragile people try drugs in the presumption of knowing how to govern their dependence, … Ignorance allows the leaders of religions shaped by human beings […]

Giuseppe Ursino

On the disappearance of spirituality and selfishness

The disappearance of spirituality has dramatically increased selfishness. The adult generations, stealing the future of children and grandchildren, have decided to ignore the climate change, the environment, the infrastructures and education to better enjoy their present. The disappearance of spirituality is also the basis of the corruption that lurks and grows sluggish everywhere. In order […]

Giuseppe Ursino

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