The economy dominates the lives of all of us and yet too often the common man is not equipped with the “toolbox” to fully understand it and it is a paradox that produces serious problems. That’s why I thought about creating a separate section on my blog. Here I write about the need to address the ethical and functional problem of the Italian public administration and explain how countless choices relating to the economic policy of the governments that have followed over the decades have continued to widen the dualism between the South and the North of the country.

Milan is the leader in tricolor fintechs, while in the south they have not yet taken off

As in many other sectors of digital transformation, fintech offers a new vision, allows you to do better things that are already done in a traditional way and allow you to do new things that were not feasible until now. It is a growing trend and in Italy fintechs speaks Lombard, because half of the […]

Giuseppe Ursino

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