Mission 3 started in 1989

Giuseppe Ursino

Giuseppe Ursino

As a young man I was optimistic, I thought that with the schooling of the new generations and the positive impact of the influences of more civilized territories there would be a convergence towards better standards for certain mental postures towards corruption, rudeness, degradation of public offices, endemic dirt.
I was wrong, the love for my land took away my clarity of thought.
Whenever today I am forced to get in touch with the local reality (in the day after day I created an oasis with European standards around me that allows me a healthy detachment) by attending a hospital for my mother’s problems or a court to testify on a theft in my offices, I experience the unpleasant feeling that many environments are still degraded (and degrading) as when I was a boy.
I reflected on the reasons for this social, moral, economic disaster …
My thesis starts from the impact of the climate on the human being who over the centuries has acquired a lazy and self-centered mentality due to the mildness of temperatures.
The most evident consequences of laziness are the lack of desire to study or work and the search for shortcuts to avoid making sacrifices.
So, if adults are sloppy, inevitably so are their children or students.
It becomes a vicious circle that cannot be broken.
And it has little to do with the attitudes of the individual because, if a person were to emigrate to a more civilized territory, he will adapt by becoming a good citizen.
The mentality is a consequence of the influences of one’s environment because everyone is mostly the result of the family to which they belong, of the educational system undergone and of the social relationships experienced.
So the solution that I have been undertaking for many years, which is the compass in my life, is to carry out actions of witness to a more civilized life with an open mind, tolerant, respectful, non-provincial.
If and when the testimonies like mine are so many as to have an effective impact on reality (and my hope is therefore that many think like me), at that point the standard of civilization of my territory will gradually improve.
This is my social mission and 3 is its symbol.

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