The need for elites to give the direction of travel

Giuseppe Ursino

Giuseppe Ursino

It is clear that an elite capable of directing human beings in curbing the climate change that will lead to unimaginable disasters within a few decades is missing. Ordinary people cannot be asked to have the vision and sense of responsibility necessary to orient themselves, it is necessary who gives the right direction.
It is before our eyes that on an European scale there is a need for an elite capable of directing Europeans in the design of a large motherland that will act as a protective umbrella against foreign powers that would otherwise continue to take advantage of the weakness of the European Union with heavy repercussions on democratic systems and our economic well-being. We cannot ask ordinary citizens to have the vision and sense of responsibility necessary to orient themselves, those who indicate the direction of travel are needed.
It is clear that on an Italian scale there is a lack of an elite capable of directing the Italians towards those unavoidable changes of mentality to make effective public institutions that are limping today and to make the digital transformation of every activity not a threat to the status quo, but the opportunity to enhance the sense of good and beauty that are innate in our people. Ordinary people cannot be asked to do these mental paradigm jumps on their own, they must be guided, pushed and reassured, so that they metabolize that these changes will be an opportunity to improve their lives.
The direct relationship of a charismatic leader with the people so far has led to demagogy, because the manipulation of citizens feeds on fake news and does not allow to face problems seriously. Then the most effective solution is to give boost to the elites on every scale: city, regional, national, European and global.
Here is how the Italian political statesman Aldo Moro’s words encourage to patience, courage and trust: “If it were possible to say let’s skip this time and go straight to tomorrow, I think we would all accept to do it. But it is not possible. Today we have to live, it is today that we take on our responsibilities. It’s about being courageous and confident at the same time. It’s about living the time we are given to live with all its difficulties.”

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